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How to Watch

How do I watch the livestream?

You can watch our livestream, rebroadcast, and on-demand shows on any desktop and mobile web browser. To access the shows, simply click the "Watch Now" button on the event page or use the "Watch Now" link in your ticket confirmation email.

The show will play in a video player like the one below. You can use this video to check if your device has the necessary video and audio capabilities for the day of the show.

  • Note: In order to view the show, you must be signed into the account with which you purchased your ticket. If you don't see the "Watch Now" option on the show page but know you've purchased a ticket, you are likely not signed in. You can sign into your account by visiting driift.live/login. Once signed in, navigate to the show you'd like to view from the home page, and select "Watch Now". You'll then be taken to the event page where the show will take place.
  • If you have followed the above instructions but are unable to see your purchased ticket, please reach out to our team at support@driift.live.

How can I watch the show on my TV?

Apple TV (available in Safari browsers)

  1. Connect the mobile device, tablet, or computer you're casting from to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible smart TV.
  2. Tap the AirPlay icon AirPlay on the video player's toolbar.
  3. Choose your Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible device from the list.

Chromecast (available in Chrome browsers)

  1. Make sure the mobile device, tablet, or computer you're casting from is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in.
  2. Tap the Cast icon Chromecast on the video player's toolbar.
  3. Choose your Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled device from the list.

To stop casting, tap the Cast icon Chromecast on the video player and then choose Disconnect or Stop Casting.


What's a livestream?

A video, audio, or audiovisual broadcast streamed over the Internet for live consumption.

Why are there different broadcast times?

At Driift, we want to ensure everyone around the world can view our events. The livestreams generally first stream in line with the time zone in which the event is taking place.

After the event, we broadcast it again at a more convenient evening time in different time zones so that viewers from all over the world can watch it.

What is on-demand, or VOD?

If VOD (video-on-demand) is offered for a particular show, it will start after the last re-broadcast finishes. The VOD period remains open for a predetermined amount of time and will allow ticketholders to watch the performance as many times as they'd like until the VOD period closes.

More questions?

Please visit our Help Center or contact our team directly via support@driift.live.

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